The second day of the Taliban’s absolute dominance is taking off in Kabul

The second day of the Taliban’s absolute dominance is taking off in Kabul

Kabul is once again having its most difficult days. After the collapse of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban, all the provinces of the country, except Panjshir province, are now under the absolute dominance of the Taliban.

Although the Taliban said in their statements that they will not harm the people, residential houses and people’s property, the people of the country, especially residents of Kabul, live in terror and chaos prevails in the city. Gunshots can be heard from all over the places and the Taliban are patrolling the streets.

Meanwhile, the process of withdrawing foreign embassies from Kabul is ongoing and it is said that the security of Kabul International Airport will be provided by 6,000 Afghan and U.S. forces until the full withdrawal of foreign citizens and embassies staff from the country. All civil and commercial flights have been temporarily suspended because of leaving foreigners.

As of last night, it was rumored that U.S. and Canadian planes were willing to bring out Afghan citizens without visa and passports, a large number of Afghans raided to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul and tried to get on planes to go out of the country, but due to overcrowding, and foreign troops firing, at least 20 people were killed and wounded, to bring away people from the planes. Four civilians were hidden in the bases of the foreign forces plane they fell from the middle of the air after the flight, of which two fell from the bases of the plane at the airport and two fell into people’s homes.

At the same time, as the government collapsed, a large number of Afghan politicians, including President Ashraf Ghani, escaped the country with boxes full of dollar. All banks and exchanges shops are locked, and a large number of governmental and non-governmental offices are also blocked. The price of fuels, including gas and oil, as well as foodstuffs, has increased by 30%, and people have faced economic distress.

This comes after a number of armed robbers, using the Taliban’s name and wearing sham hair, stole people’s money and assets and killed a number of people. The Taliban issued a statement saying that their militants (mujahideen) are entering the city to prevent irregularities and theft of people’s assets to provide security for the people and their properties. Taliban militants have arrested a number of thieves who stole people’s assets using the Taliban’s name.

Afghans, however, hope that murder and bloodshed will end in the country, and it does not matter to them which group takes over the country’s responsibility. They want peace and tranquility that they have given sacrifice for nearly 40 years. People complaining about Ashraf Ghani’s government say the Taliban should not make the situation worse and they hope to have safe days under Taliban control.

This text was written by a journalism student living in Kabul. He asked us to publish it anonymously, as there is no way for him to escape from the Taliban.

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